Our Mission

GDUAZ Mission Page

1. To promote the acceptance of guide dog teams by all agencies, employers, educational institutions, those doing business with the general public, and by the general public.

2.  To work for the standardization and enforcement and expansion of the legal provisions governing the admission of guide dog users to public places, transportation, facilities, hotels, apartments, restaurants, places of amusement and all places to which the general public is invited.

3.  To work to improve the scope and quality of educational, cultural, rehabilitation and employment opportunities for guide dog users through cooperation and affiliation with Guide Dog Users, Inc (GDUI), the Arizona Council of the Blind (AzCB), and the American Council of the Blind (ACB).

4.  To encourage and improve the relationship between Guide dog puppy raisers, guide dog users and guide dog schools.

5.  To work to improve the scope and quality of guide dog breeding, selection, training, health care, and guide dog retirement.