Joining GDUAZ

Any person eighteen (18) years of age or older may become a member of GDUAZ.

Any individual who is the age of sixteen (16) but under the age of eighteen (18) may join as a Junior member.

Note:  Junior members shall have the right to attend meetings and to participate in the discussion of motions, votes and other organizational business, but shall not have the right to hold office, make motions or cast votes.

GDUAZ members are preferred  to be guide dog users but is not required for membership.

Benefits of being a GDUAZ members is also being a member of our parent organizations of GDUI, AZCB and ACB with voting rights in these groups.

Membership Options

Join via PayPal

Join by personal Check

If paying by check please write in the memo field

"2018 GDUAZ Reg”.

Please send your $20.00 remittance to:

Guide Dog Users of Arizona

P.O. Box 9577

Chandler Heights,  AZ 85127